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"The Presidents Fund Raising Day"

Friday 11th of September 2015 14:01
Pontaradwe Golf Club Prseident Alun Evans

"Support the Presidents Fund Raising Day"  Friday 2nd October (Shot Gun start 1.00pm)

The Presidents Fund was initially started over 25 years ago by former a president Trevor Richards and was originally set up as a fund to financially support the Junior section.

In years gone by the junior section did not have the fund raising abilities, or the dedicated junior section budget that it now has. In the current financial climate the junior section is growing from strength to strength funded by its own fund raising events, sponsors and a dedicated junior section budget.

The use of the Presidents Fund was changed by the current president Alun Evans, as he felt the fund should not be for a specific section of the club and should be more of a general fund where individual sections within the club could apply for financial assistance for events or expenditures that are not budgeted for such as Junior, Ladies, Males or Vets teams representing the club requiring transport or accommodation should they progress through rounds of cup matches all over the country. It could be that a specific section requires equipment or has the need to purchase un foreseen items for that section that were not included in their yearly budget.

Any application for financial assistance from the presidents fund by a section is taken on its merit for a decision to be made. Having the fund working this way gives the individual sections a little bit of a financial safety net to overcome unforeseen expenditures and protects the budget of that section.

Alun's changing of the way that the presidents fund is managed has gone down well with all sections within the club and plays a big part in the success and financial stability of those sections.


In closing you can see why its vitally important that we support the presidents fund raising day by entering the competition. It could be your section that will apply for assistance from this fund, in reality it could actually be yourself that benefits from the fund.


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