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Augusta gets Kango'd by Pontardawe Golf Club tourists, Kangoisms everywhere

Thursday 13th of April 2017 20:31
The Lads on tour at the Masters

Augusta gets Kango'd by Pontardawe Golf Club tourists, Kangoisms everywhere.

This is a difficult one to write about and it's hard to imagine how much they are enjoying themselves.

Here,sresults and gossip from one young man on tour and I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more great stories when they get home

First things first the results

Day 1 - Columbia Country Club
Winner - Bradley Dyment Jones - 28 Pts
Runner Up - Steffan Lloyd 27 Pts

Day Two -Woodlands Country Club
Winner - Bradley Dyment Jones 35 Pts
Runner Up - Adam Lewis 33 Pts

Day Three - Kiawah Island - Osprey Point
Winner - Alan 'Kango' Lewis 39 Pts
Runner Up - Adam Lewis 38 Pts

Day Four
Kiawah Island - The Ocean Course (1991 Ryder Cup, 2007 Seniors US Open, 2012 PGA Championship and 2021 PGA Championship)

Winner - Steffan Lloyd (back 9) 32 Pts
Runner Up - Bradley Dyment Jones - 32 Pts

Overall total points winners
Winner - Bradley Dyment Jones - 129 Pts (Unbelievable semi-retired golfer so he says)
2nd - Steffan Lloyd - 125 Pts
3rd Adam Lewis - 119 Pts

Most Balls in the water

Winner - Nathan Burdett - 6 Balls
2nd - Conrad Jones - 5 balls
3rd - Neil Sullivan, Adam Lewis Steff Lloyd - 3 balls
4th Bradley Dyment Jones, Kango - 2 balls

Apparently the self confessed best golfer on tour Rhydian Howells (4 handicap) got beaten four out of four times by a semi-retired golfer, Bradley Dyment Jones. Even after Bradley was docked 2 shots for winning twice.

Rumour has it Rhydian even lost when the four youngsters playing mini golf inside their Kiawah Island villa one night

A couple of things I find it hard to believe, but are supposedly true

Could you ever imagine Conrad buying himself and Kango non alcoholic beer, surely that can't be true.

Neil not being able to eat all his food, that's a first... His spicy chicken wings were so hot they gave him blisters inside his mouth.

I was told it was probably the most amazing trip/experience/bucket list they have ever been on. Represented PGC in Augusta National The masters (as seen on tv with red PGC crested shirts)
A huge thank you and appreciation to Rhydian for organising the most amazing trip.

A full album of Photos can be seen on the Pontardawe Face Book Site https://www.facebook.com/pontardawegc

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